FuelSure Diesel Misfuelling Prevention Device!

Diesel Misfuelling has exploded over the last 3 years, with over 150,000 motorists in the UK alone, accidently putting Petrol into their Diesel Vehicle, Every year. 

Diesel Misfuelling is easily done. An unleaded pump nozzle is smaller in diameter than a Diesel nozzle and fits without resistance. A slight loss in concentration and the damage is done!

Start your Diesel engine with unleaded in the tank and you could be looking at a new fuel system and injectors. Think you're immune? Well only a few Diesel cars currently come with a misfuelling prevention device fitted as standard. You could be the next Misfueller!

Introducing the FuelSure filler cap! A revolutionary misfuelling prevention device that stops you putting Unleaded Petrol in your Diesel Car, Van or Vehicle.

The FuelSure filler cap will Not allow unleaded / petrol into your tank, Period! Replacing your existing diesel filler cap, it screws into the filler neck and has a simple adaptor making it compatible with a huge range of different vehicle makes and models.

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Easily Installed As a Direct Replacement for Your Vehicle's Existing Fuel Filler Cap

The FuelSure filler cap is installed in seconds as a direct replacement for your vehicle's existing fuel filler cap. FuelSure manufacture the product in the UK under strict automotive quality standards and have made rigorous investment in its Research and Development. Its tried & tested!

The misfuelling problem happens to drivers of diesel cars when they accidentally fill up with petrol instead of diesel. This happens because the nozzle on a petrol or unleaded fuel pump is smaller in diameter than a diesel nozzle and so can fit inside of the Diesel filler neck on the vehicle. The FuelSure filler cap is the solution and will not open when a smaller diameter petrol nozzle is inserted by accident, and prevents the wrong fuel being added to the diesel vehicle.

A simple solution to an increasing and costly misfuelling problem. The FuelSure is patent protected, light in weight, robust in design and installs in seconds. This innovative product will give you and your family a lifetime of hassle free motoring, saving you anywhere from £200 to £3000 in misfuelling repair bills.

Why you need to prevent Diesel Misfuelling?

  • Diesel vehicles hit record sales: 79,928 in 2008 (45.3% market share)
  • 400 People a day in the UK alone, accidently Misfu el
  • Misfuelling is increasing weekly as diesel sales hit all time high
  • 150,000 plus drivers misfuel per year in UK – 1 every 3.5 mins
  • Cost to drain petrol, repair or replace diesel parts £200-£3,000
  • Repairs not covered by Insurance, Warranties or Breakdown Cover

What is the Cost of Misfuelling?

  • Repair bills from £200-£3,000 +
  • Loss of trading hours and as a result late or missed appointments
  • Loss in revenue for your business
  • Saves You £200-£3000 in repair bills per misfuelling incident
  • Not covered by Insurance, Vehicle Warranty, Breakdown Cover
  • Cost of draining and refilling your tank again with diesel

Dealer Misfuel Leaves Audi A4 Worse for Wear!

Paul Kean's Audi A4 TDI began running badly after repair to the fuel system. It transpired the dealer accidentally mixed unleaded with the diesel already in the tank. The mistake wasn’t discovered until Paul had driven the car for several days after.

When the tank had been drained for the repair, the fuel was temporarily stored in a vat. The dealer used the one for petrol rather than diesel by mistake. As a precaution, it flushed the fuel system and declared the BMW undamaged. Paul claims the car still takes longer to fire up, and is concerned any long-term damage could cost him, as the warranty will soon run out.

The AA says petrol in diesel can dilute its natural lubrication and cause metal-to-metal damage. The further it travels into the system, the more expensive the repair. In extreme cases, it can be cheaper to fit a new engine explained a spokesperson.

Why FuelSure? There are now three other misfuelling devices on the market. FuelSure is the best and most complete solution. Competitor devices either do not come complete with filler neck adapters for a wide range of vehicles, have small, fiddly caps to unscrew or are simply not tough enough to withstand repeated use.

The technical experts at the RAC, Halfords and a major insurance company have recently selected FuelSure as being the best device currently on the market.

Misfuelling... A Big Financial and Environmental Problem!

Research by recovery firm Green Flag shows men are more likely to misfuel than women, but whoever makes the mistake should be prepared to dig deep to get it fixed. If you don’t start the engine or turn on the ignition, you may get away with just having the tank drained. AA Fuel Assist will do this for £176.50, including properly disposing of the contaminated fuel. The AA gets rid of around 20,000 litres a week.

The big problems begin when the car is started and driven. Diesel lubricates the engine, while petrol is a solvent, and quickly removes any protection. Expensive high-pressure fuel pumps can be stripped and metal pieces blasted throughout the system. Replacing engines is rare, but renewing the fuel system and injectors typically costs around £3,000.

  How to Fit

Fitting and using your FuelSure Cap couldn't be easier. Watch our video to see how simple it is to protect your car from misfuelling.

FuelSure fits almost all cars and vans on British roads. A full range of vehicle adapters are included in the one, standard product pack.